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MLP Primer

Get in‐depth information about the Master Limited Partnership space through our MLP overview materials.


MLP Primer and Excerpts

MLP Primer

  • Our industry piece, "Master Limited Partnership Primer: Understanding an Emerging Asset Class", describes the changing dynamics in the energy space today that are shaping the future direction of the MLP sector, as well as a history of the asset class and a basic introduction for new investors in the midstream space.
  • This piece also provides an explanation of the different asset types within the MLP structure and discusses the different aspects of the midstream value chain.

MLP Primer Excerpt

  • Our condensed industry piece, “Master Limited Partnership Primer Excerpt” describes the value proposition for MLPs.
  • The piece includes an overview of the MLP business model and how the asset class has exhibited historical low correlations as compared to the broader market.