Risks of Investing include MLP Risk, Concentration Risk and Liquidity Risk

Three principal risks of investing in the SteelPath MLP mutual funds include:

MLP Risk. Investments in securities of MLPs involve risks that differ from investments in common stock, including risks related to limited control and limited rights to vote on matters affecting the MLP, risks related to potential conflicts of interest between the MLP and the MLP’s general partner, cash flow risks, dilution risks and risks related to the general partner’s right to require unitholders to sell their common units at an undesirable time or price.

Concentration Risk. Under normal circumstances, the Fund concentrates its investments in the group of industries that comprise the energy sector. A fund that invests primarily in a particular industry or group of industries could experience greater volatility than funds investing in a broader range of industries.

Liquidity Risk. Certain equity and debt securities of MLPs and energy infrastructure companies, greenfield projects, pay-in-kind securities, PIPEs and private equity and debt investments may trade less frequently than those of larger companies due to their smaller capitalizations. In the event certain securities experience limited trading volumes, the prices of such securities may display abrupt or erratic movements at times. Additionally, it may be difficult for the Fund to sell an investment in a greenfield project or other private equity or debt investment that issues pay-in-kind securities. As a result, an investment in a greenfield project or other private equity or debt investment may be difficult to dispose of at a fair price at the times when the Advisor believes it is desirable to do so. The Fund’s investment in securities that are less actively traded or over time experience decreased trading volume may restrict its ability to take advantage of other market opportunities or to dispose of securities. This also may affect adversely the Fund’s ability to make dividend distributions to shareholders. The Fund will not purchase or otherwise acquire any security if, as a result, more than 15% of its net assets would be invested in illiquid investments.

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